Gudmanyan A.G., Sydoruk G.I. Basics of translation theory. Part 1



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Зміст.Introduction.lecture.What a translator is and what a translator does.notes on the Profession.Translator and Interpreter.Bilingualism.The Education of a Translator.Process and Result of Translation.Materials for Translation.Lecture.The role of the translator.the Qualities Each Translator/Interpreter Possesses.Don’ts of a Translator/Interpreter.What an English-speaking Client Expects of His Interpreter.Another Glimpse into the Future.Comparison with other Professions.The Five Year Itch.Industry Trends.The Last Word about the Profession.Lecture.The basic principles of the translation theory.translation Theory as a Theory of Transformations.Problem of Non-translation.Extralinguistic Factor.The Subject Matter.Machine Translation.Lecture.Units of translation.classification of Translation Units.Level of Intonation.Translation on the Level of Phonemes (Graphemes).Lecture.translation on the level of morphemes.morpheme as a Unit of Translation.Some Insights into How to Become Word-conscious.Latin and Greek Prefixes.Latin Roots.Latin and Greek Borrowings in English.Dictionary of Greek and Latin Roots.Latin Roots in English.Lecture.Translation on the level of words.examples of Translating on the Level of Words.Category of Gender in English and Ukrainian.Lecture.Singular and plural of nouns as a translation problem.peculiarities of Singular and Plural in English and Ukrainian.Plural of Compound Nouns.Nouns Used Only in Singular.Nouns Used Only in Plural.Grammatical Disagreement of Singular and Plural of Nouns in English and Ukrainian.Lecture.The problem of translating articles and pronouns.translation of Indefinite Articles.The Problem of Translating Pronouns.Lecture.False friends of the interpreter.Interpenetration of Words in Different Languages.Mistakes in Translation Related to Differences in Realia.Interlingual Homonymy and Paronymy.Examples of Translating Newspaper Cliches.Semantic Peculiarities of Medical Terms.Lecture.Translation on the level of word combinations.problems of Translating Idioms.Etymology of Idioms: Weird History.Lecture.Translation on the level of sentence and text.translation of Cliches and Formulas.Types of Proverbs and Their Translation.Translation on the Level of Text.Список літератури.

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