Cohen H., Rogers GFC, Saravanamuttoo HIH. Gas Turbine Theory



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4-th edition. - Longman Group Limited, 1996. 455 p. - ISBN 0-582-23632-0.Since the third edition in 1987, the gas turbine has been found to be suitable for an increasing number of applications, and this is reflected in the new Introduction. Gas turbines are becoming widely used for base-load electricity generation, as part of combined-cycle plant, and combined cycles receive more attention in this edition. With the increased use of gas turbines, control of harmful emissions has become ever more important. The chapter on combustion has been enlarged to include a substantial discussion of the factors affecting emissions and descriptions of current methods of attacking the problem. A section on coal gasification has also been added. Finally, the opportunity has been taken to make many small but significant improvements and additions to the text and examples. As in the third edition, no attempt has been made to introduce computationalmethods for aerodynamic design of turbomachinery and the treatment is restricted to the fundamentals- those wishing to specialize must refer to the current, rapidly changing, literature. Readers wishing access to a suite of performance programs suitable for use on a Personal Computer will find the commercially available program GASTURB by Dr Joachim Kurzke very useful- this deals with both design and off-design calculations. The way to obtain this program is described in the rubric of Appendix B.

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